John Thompson of Slackjaw The Bluesband Bio

Ever since his father put a guitar into his hands at age 11, John has never put the instrument down. With influences in hard rock and metal such as Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, all the way to blues greats, such as Robert Johnson and Buddy Guy, John has customized his sound to create a whole new genre of his own. After being highly influenced by his mentors, Bob Lanza, and Dave ‘Snakeman’ Runyan, he started to focus more on the blues and jazz styles of playing.

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, and creator of the band Slackjaw, he is taking his playing abilities to a whole new level. This time, with a line-up of musicians who are dedicated to the band and to the creation of all new, all original music. John’s commitment to keeping the blues alive shows that this is only the beginning of what is yet to come. His positive outlook and determined mind has already sparked a lot of attention from all around the tri-state area.